Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30

Many of you have written me because I have not written a blog in quite some time.  It is because I have been very sick. 

I have not eaten any foods or liquids in 8 weeks.  I have constant pain in my chest 24 hours per day and I am living on pain medication right now.  I have been throwing up approx. 8-12 times per day.  I now weight 155 lbs.  I am tube feeding myself every night from 7 pm - 7 am with a pump.  I get 1500 calories per night.  This is keeping me going right now. 

Even  though this sounds bad, I feel inside like maybe I am about to "turn the corner"!  I think it just had taken much much longer to heal up the ulcers in my esophagus and stomach from the radiation.  I cannot wait to be able to eat food again and pick up my strength.  We scheduled to see the Gastro doctor couple weeks ago, a little difficult to get into to see.  I have appt. for Thursday this week.  I am not even considering further cancer treatment until we get this ulcer problem under control.  

We did get some good news today!  We finally received a check from Toyota for $2500 matching the Don Joseph Car Dealership "Team Beckett" Program.  This money will really help out since we are no longer receiving any pay checks from the City of Kent.  I was officially off the books with City of Kent August 5.  A huge "Thank You" to Kathy Beatty and Brock Murphy for their follow up to get these funds.  They really had to jump through a lot of hoops, but got it done!

We are also expecting an offer on house today!  Don't know if it will be a good acceptable offer or not but at least we are seeing some action.  Please pray that this will work out and allow us to lower our money expenses!!!

Ryan finished the Kent State University Police Academy last week.  He resumed classes at Kent State University for his senior year yesterday!  He is currently looking for a local police job full or part time!

Please continue to pray for Heidi as she provides me with daily support and keeps my spirits up!  She is amazing, don't know what I would do without her!


  1. Don and Heidi, Congratulations for another day..another week. Congratulations for seeing hope and for doing what you need to do to improve..to heal. God is providing Herculean strength, even when you feel the weakest. Congratulations on the house. Will pray for an offer that works with a buyer that will be reasonable! When this moves forward, a big burden will be removed. Congratulations for Ryan completing the Academy. He will be awesome at that calling. We love you both.

  2. I pray daily for you and Heidi. Actually, multiple times a day. XOXO

    Exciting news about Ryan!!!