Friday, December 31, 2010


I have been overwhelmed with friends and family calling me, emailing me, texting me, sending cards, etc.  I truly appreciate this.  Trust me, I in no way want anyone to stop this!  I am adding a line of communication since I am not always capable of getting back with some of you.  I also anticipate days, weeks where I may not feel up to calling or communicating.  At a very good suggestion of the Fire Chief, I have selected a Firefighter to disemiate information to the FD guys and families.  The individual that I have selected knows me very well and accepted this role to help me.  This individual is Brock Murphy.  I will communicate very regularly with Brock who will keep everyone at the FD up to date.  I will share a lot of personal information that the guys want to know.  I still welcome our conversations but Brock will be a great help to me.  Brock also will be attending the first Chemotherapy appointment with me on Friday January 7.  This way, as I am being educated, Brock can help me remember everything I forget.  The Chemo treatments typically last 3 hours so Brock will also entertain me! lol.  So guys from the FD, PD, Other FD's feel free to ask Brock questions.  If he does not know he will try to find out.

A friend of mine (Al) made a suggestion.  He suggested that I explain that my condition (Cancer) is not related to any lifestyles.  For example, I do not smoke and have never used tobacco products.  Most of you know me well enough that I do not smoke or drink.

I have mentioned before that Heidi and I will be leaving on Monday Jan 3 for New Orleans to attend the Sugar Bowl, which has been paid for by the guys from the Kent FD!  I also had a visit from 2 police officers yesterday whom delivered a sizeable amount of cash for spending money in New Orleans collected by the Dispatchers and Police Officers!  It looks like Heidi might get some good seafood also!  Thanks guys and gals from the PD!  You have no idea how much this means.  

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