Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday February 1

It was a very long weekend being sick Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I did stay on nausea medicine the entire weekend.  I have 3 kinds of nausea medicince, Compazine, Zofran and Ativan.  I can take all 3 at the same time since they work differently.  I have to tell you though, I was still very nauseated.  I did not throw up as much this round.  I also did not note any fevers this round!

My hair is gone and beard hardly grows anymore.  I do want to clarify for everyone that I am swallowing fine at this time.  This may change during radiation treatments, but at this time I can eat anything.

Dr. Marquinez's nurse called me yesterday.  She was spending her time acquiring medications for me through my mail order prescription company so I would not have to do it.  With round 3, we are going to be doing radiaiton treatments everyday Monday - Friday.  I will also go for weekly I.V. Chemotherapy and will also take an oral Chemotherapy medication.  This round 3 will last 5-6 weeks (25-28) treatments.  

Sunday I was feeling about 15% better than Saturday, Monday about 35% better than Saturday and today about 50% better than Saturday.  Still no taste buds but that could improve next couple of days.  Still the most refreshing thing to eat is oranges. 

I will get blood work done tomorrow and see Dr. Marquinez for my weekly visit.  Blood work is done weekly keeping an eye on blood counts.   Visitors are welcome once again!

Heidi and Ryan were both sick over the weekend with bad colds and cough.  Heidi seems to be on the mend but Ryan still has significant cough.

Today (Tuesday Feb 1) is Heidi's Birthday!  Everyone please send her lots of Birthday Wishes!!!!


  1. Don,

    I am glad you are felling better. I expected that your nausea would be worse this time but did not want to tell you that. I have pulled the information that you asked for but with everyone else sick I don't want to stop down too drop it off with my own immune system comprimized. If you need it soon let me know and I will get it to you.

    "Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory."
    -Betty Smith

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. You have also been added to the prayer chain at our church in Marlboro.


  2. Don, Sorry I have fallen behind on communication. It's not an indicator of how much I think of you and pray for you. I'm glad you have decided to go forward with the radiation and also that your swallowing has improved. Now for those taste buds to kick back in. I'll be praying for that!