Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday January 28 - Encouraging News

Well after a week of of some discouraging news I did receive some very encouraging news late yesterday.  I had a 3 D CAT Scan done yesterday afternoon in preparation for my radiation therapy beginning approx. Feb 14.  I asked Dr. Godwin to review my scan from last week of December and the one from yesterday.  With only the one round of Chemotherapy, some of the Lymph Nodes had been cleared of Cancer Cells and some of the others were half cleared.  The tumor in my esophagus also shrank some.  She felt this was very good news since it had only been round of Chemo.  I thank the Lord for this healing.  I had the second round of chemo this past Wed. 

I also got a little better news from my lung doctor and he lessened my fears a bit of the lung damage that will be created by radiation.  He also made some suggestions of things to do that will help.  I appreciate his input, I trust him very much!  Dr. Marquinez also did more research on this for me and reassured me that it is the right procedure to do next.

As far as today, Chemo Brain has set in and nausea.  Been throwing up this morning.  Trying to get a therapeutic amount of nausea meds in me.  I am just focusing on not being sick today.  If like the last round, it will be at least 4-5 days till feeling better.  Had some Chemo drugs this round.   Please no visitors today.  I would not be any fun.


  1. Don,
    Glad you are receiving some encouraging news. We will continue to pray for more of the same. Praying God would comfort you during this time of struggle from the Chemo treatment.
    He will never leave you nor forsake you.
    Stay in His loving Grip!
    Mike & Heidi

  2. Hi Don!!!!
    I'm sure you are feeling pretty bad today, but remember: you got some good news, tumors are gone!!!!! Others are shrinking!!!! This is fantastic! I'm excited! Keep your happy positive personality!
    I'm still praying daily for you and Vickie too.

    xoxo d

  3. Hoping and praying that today you will be starting to rebound. Able to take nourishment..and keep it down. Able to focus and rest in Him. Heidi too. Know that He is the constant as things seem to be a wild ride. Praying for healing. Carol and Brian