Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday January 17

The weekend was better.  I did not eat much but 2-3 bites each meal and some snacks of fruit in between.  Each evening I did have a fever of 100.5 starting about 7 pm each evening.  I treated that with Tylenol.  I also got nauseated each evening and did vomit 1-2 each day.  Sunday felt very good up until about 7 pm.

Today, Monday I am on duty at FD.  So far It is going OK.  Feel sluggish and can't eat much but doing good.  If a fever starts tonight then I will probably go home.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Had some great visitors over the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! 


  1. So nice to be able to see you in person and that you were able to get out and go to church and go back to work. Glad to hear that the treatment effects are diminishing. Praying for a return of appetite and energy. All mercies are from above. Carol and Brian

  2. I enjoy staying in touch with how things are going, Don. Thanks for doing this even though I know you must not feel up to it. It helps us know how to pray.