Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday January 9

As most of you know I started the chemo treatment on Friday.  The staff explained to me that the effects ususally don't occur until 2-3 days after.  I can now attest to this fact.  I actually worked my 24 hour shift at FD yesterday (Saturday) and just felt fatigued, like had been swimming all day.  Not much nausea except a slight amount at dinner time.  However, as I left work this morning (Sunday) coming home at 8 am it began.  I feel quite nauseated.  I did begin taking the Compazene (for nausea) medications as the nursing staff recommended ahead of schedule last night and this morning.  They cautioned me not to get behind.  I have to drink 2 liters of water per day also.  Unfortunately, I have to stay home from church today.  I would not feel comfortable there today in this state.  The other complication that I have to ask about, is I have had the hiccups since chemo.  Quite annoying too. 

So today, will be a slow day at home! 

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