Friday, January 7, 2011

1ST Chemotherapy Session

Today, Friday Jan 7, had my first Chemotherapy session.  This session took 5 hours.  I was given 7 I.V. Drip medications.

Let me first begin by telling that the staff there is great!  They are so friendly and helpful, there act like they are family.  I am very pleased I picked this group.

I was given two I.V. Medications for Nausa (Kytril) and (Aloxi).  The Aloxi actually stays in your body up to 5 days to help with nause.  I was also given I.V. Benadry 50 Mg and I.V. Pepcid.

Then I was given two chemo drugs (Taxotere) and (Cisplatin).  These are nasty drugs, very rough on the body.  I was given 4 grams of Magnesium which helps keep the muscles in the body from weak to help with fatigue.  The cost of the Taxotere was $4,000, Cisplatin $900, Kytril $250.00 and the Aloxi $400.

I was given an education session with take home materials.  I was also given a sample kit of special toothpaste, mouthwash and mouth gel.  It is easy to get sores in your mouth and this stuff helps.  Called Biotene.

This evening I feel tired and probably could take a nap.  The nurses told me I most likely would become ill on Sunday and this could last up to about 5 days.  They also gave me a presciption for Compazene for Nausea.

At least I will be keeping the drug manufacturers in business!

Brock Murphy spent the entire 5 hours with me and got the same education.  Brock will update guys at the fire stations.

I appreciate all your calls, txt, emails and most importantly all your prayers!  I know I have at least 10 church groups that have me on prayer list.  Please also pray for the Greg and Sarah Miller family!  It is a very rough time for them right now.

Next, I get blood work on the 19th to check white count.  Then getting second chemo round in 2.5 weeks on Wed Jan 26.  I will be scheduling to get my mediport prior to that date.   

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