Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday March 11

Heidi and I spent the entire day yesterday at the Cleveland Clinic with appointments from 11:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  We met with a Dietician, had lab work completed, met with my Oncologist and also had a radiation trial run. 

I asked the Oncologist what my chances were of a cure without surgery as an option.  She stated that it is about 30% chance of a cure.  That is not good, however it was actually higher than I expected.  She is admitting me on Monday morning at 8 a.m. and starting the chemotherapy.  I will go daily for radiation treatment at 3:30 pm. which last about 1 hour.  I will leave Hospital on Friday evening after radiation.  I will have the same radiation tech for the entire 7 week period.  She is extremely friendly and a pleasure to be with!

Please continue to pray for Heidi's good health and strength.  Continue to pray that the Lord will work through the doctors, medicine and treatment.  I appreciate all of you and your continued support!  


  1. My mom beat a "terminal" diagnosis with Hodgkins in '68! We know that we have a God who can beat the odds! Praying for you to beat the 30% odds in 2011!!!

    I love you and Heidi.

  2. BTW, Maria remembers you as the nice firefighter who let her go down the firepole over and over. :-)

  3. Don, You have displayed God's glory through your attitude and courage. I so appreciate the things you are teaching me about faith as we talk and you share your perspectives on God being in control. I pray that this coming week will be as good as it can be given the treatment regimen you will be on. God IS always sovereign as we have talked and prayed back to Him several times. "Fear not for I am with you." I'm so thankful that He has you in the palm of his hand and in his grip and will never leave go of you. Thanks again for being such a great encouragement and I pray that the same would return to you this coming week through the staff and results at CC.

  4. that is, "let" go of you...will be praying for Heidi as you asked.

  5. I haven't been able to read your blog lately. I'm pretty bummed about your news. 30% isn't great, but it's not the worst either! Keep plugging away and stay positive! I think about you a lot! Can't wait to see you when we get home! xoxo d