Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16 - Reporting from Cleveland Clinic

Well, I have been in patient at Cleveland Clinic since Monday at 9 a.m.  Firefighter Jamie Samels drive me up and spent half the day with me.  Jamie showed the nurses how to start I.V.'s!  haha

Monday, started a 96 hour chemo drips at 10 a.m.  Started real live radiation treatments in afternoon.  The radiation group was 1.5 hours behind schedule and then my appointment took 1 hour.  It is quite involved.  I am using a breathing machine while laying in special design bed for me to get me in same position all 33 times.  The breathing machine holds my breath while being "zapped" during 25 second intervals.  The hardest part is keeping my arms above my head for hour without moving them.  I have 6 zapping fields that all get zapped 3 times each, so 18 zaps after being lined up.

Besides chemo, I am getting Zofran 8 mg Q 8 hours, Lovenox shots in my abdomen to prevent blood clots, Amend for nausea, Prevacid just because, lomodal for diarrhea, and just about anything you want.  I even got a pepperoni pizza!

All the staff is super!  The food is excellent and hot! The view stinks!  I do get to see about 5 helipcopters land each night that make a lot of noise.  No much sleeping at night.  Staff in every 30-60 minutes to do something.  Will sleep at home this weekend.  Leave here Friday night after radiation. 

Was sick last night after dinner.  Diarrhea, cramping, nausea.  stayed in bed.  feel better this a.m.  Ate good breakfast and took long shower (always fun with 2 iv pumps and tubing).  One chemo goes in my mediport and then other in an I.V.  They can't run together.  suppose to get a free short massage today.  Seen 3 doctors today already.  Peeing like crazy with all the fluids I am getting i.v.  Overall, doing pretty good now. Lost more fuzz on top of my head. 

Heidi and kids doing pretty well considering all this activity.  Pray for their strength.  Pray that the Lord will continue his work in this world.  We sure need  it!  Please get yourself ready for his return.  Lots going on in this world today.  He may return soon!


  1. A pepperoni pizza???????
    Praying for you.

  2. Funny, Don, had the same thought this morning as I read an email from a friend who lives in Japan. He had several prayer requests for the nuclear power plant situation there. And I thought to myself, "Lord return quickly" for the sake of the world and for the sake of people like my buddy Don.
    Won't get to see you for awhile, Don. We are heading out tonight for a week as Heidi may have told you.
    Thanks so much for updates. They help us in the area of TRYING to comprehend where you "are" in all of this...through it all, I'm glad you have some sense of humor remaining. Not sure I comprehend this... you are braving this like a man of God!
    Your last three sentences sure strike a chord. And I'm glad you are ready for His return and can share with others what that means!
    Keep keepin' on by God's grace. We love you. More importantly, He does... and will never leave nor forsake you.