Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday March 27

It has definetly been a very sick week.  On Thursday, I had to get some I.V. fluids because my kidneys shut down.  I was not able to stand all week and stayed in bed the entire week.  After 3 liters of fluid on Thursday, I was able to begin to eat some food and drink.  Kidney function returned.  I have had a week of the most serious gas related pain in my abdomen that I have ever had as well.  I have tried everything to alleviate this discomfort.  It had me double over in pain several days. 

Yesterday, I made some progress and was able to attend a wedding reception and stand and sit up for 3 hours.  I was not able to eat any food there but did get to visit with friends!  Heidi needed this outing as well! 

Today, I can sense that my white count has dropped.  Don't ask me why but everytime my white count drops I have a very runny nose.  I am still very week with legs like jelly but can sit up or stand as needed.  I ate a decent breakfast.  I looking forward to making some progress this week!

The Radiation Oncologist told me to expect to get esophgeal pain starting this week with the radiation and throughout the remainder of the treatment.  He said they will treat this with Morphine as needed so that I can try to continue to eat and drink.  We have 10 of my 30 treatments completed. 


  1. Don,
    I'm always thankful when there is a glimmer of hope--a good breakfast is a good start! Also glad that 10 of 30 treatments are completed.
    Have missed seeing you. I talked to Heidi (your wife vs. mine) last evening and we said I'd try to get out to see you some evening this week. Today we had a sharing day in lieu of a sermon at church b/c our pastor was out of town. We looked at II Cor. 4:1-18. I was struck by verses 16-18. I would not call your situation "momentary & light affliction" from my perspective, but if you get a chance glance at this.
    We continue to pray for you before the Lord each time we have a chance and the Spirit brings you to our hearts and minds.
    Love you and see you soon...

  2. Hi Don,

    33% done. That's not too bad :-) So after this upcoming week...will you be 50% finished if there are 5 in a week? Or does 1 week of 5 count as "1"? Stay positive. Paige and I are thinking about you! She asks how you are doing! xoxo d