Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday April 22 - Last Radiation Day!

Today is cause to celebrate.  Not only is it the beginning of Easter Weekend and Good Friday but it is my last radiation appointment!  Number 30, 6 weeks daily!

I am still on liquid diet of Ensure shakes.  However, I was able to eat some soup last evening!  The doctor yesterday gave me a medicine which is a mixture of lidocaine, benadryl and Mylanta to numb my throat so I may be able to eat some food.  I am also going to take Ibuprofen daily to decrease the inflammation down there.

I had slightly more energy yesterday and took a little walk and then mowed my grass.  I need this exercise bad.  I feel so weak and this will help get my strength back.  I got to spend some time with the guys from the FD as each day a different guy drive me to Cleveland for my radiation appointments.  Heidi and I appreciate these guys a lot.  Heidi needed the driving break too.

So, as far as the Radiation Oncologist goes, he said he normally does a scan in 12 weeks to see where we are at.  However, he wants to scan me in 6 weeks so we can continue whatever treatment we need.  If it is isolated (cancer) to the esophagus, then he will probably zap it from inside while doing and EGD (scope).  He has had good success with this.  I see my Oncologist on Monday and see what his plans are.  The way I see it, I will be in "holding" pattern for next 6 weeks to allow me to recover.  Sounds good to me!

During this Easter weekend with all your family activities such as coloring Easter eggs and doing baskets or whatever your family traditions may be, be sure to explain the true reason for Easter.  Explain how Christ rose from the tomb where he was left for dead!  He is risen!


  1. It was a "good Friday" in many ways!!!!!

    The numbing combo sounds similar to a tonic that Valerie Seckel's doc gave her to give her daughter when Abby had colic....I would have paid LOTS of money for it b/c my doc wouldn't give any kind of meds for Maria (Then she heard her screaming and gave me a script...At that point Maria was 6 months old and the colic quit a few days later...No, I'm not resentful that the doc didn't believe me and react sooner. Really, I'm not. =-])

    ANYWAY, I'm glad that your doc was creative and gave you a numbing tonic!!!!

    I'm glad that you got some soup down. Gotta keep hydrated!

    I can't believe that you mowed the lawn! That'd exhaust me and I haven't just finished 6 weeks of radiation and chemo treatments!!

    Wishing you and Heidi a wonderful Easter!



  2. Don,
    We share in your excitement even though we can't begin to imagine what a relief it is... and we're not talking plop-plop, phiz-phiz stuff here!
    We agree with you regarding Christ's resurrection... He is our sufficiency and truly our one and only hope for now... & forever.
    We are happy to call you a "forever friend"!
    Love you guys!
    Mike & Heidi