Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday April 26

Heidi and I saw Dr. Frederick Marquinez yesterday.  He was the first Oncologist that I saw prior to Cleveland Clinic.  I updated him on everything that took place through the Cleveland Clinic.  I was 18 lbs lighter yesterday than when I saw him last.  I told him I would work on that issue.  Dr. Marquinez is in agreement not to do anymore treatment until next PET Scan in 6 weeks.  This will be scheduled sometime around the week of June 6.  After that scan, then a new course of treatment will be outlined unless the Lord has decided to completely heal me! 

I still have trouble swallowing and cannot eat much in the way of solid food.  Doing Ensure Shakes, liquids and attempting to get to 2,000 calories per day.  Most days only make it to about 1300-1500.  I am still throwing up about 3-4 times per day usually when I am trying to eat or drink something.  I have this extreme pressure epi-gastric area and the only way to relieve it is to throw up an air bubble.  I have some numbing medicine called BMX but it really does not work either.  I am using Ibuprofen daily to try to get rid of some of inflammation in my esophagus.  The doctor told me that the radiation continues to work for 2-3 weeks after so it takes some time.

Heidi and I have resumed walking when it is not raining.  We did a 3 mile walk yesterday and today.  This should help me get some muscle back and strength back.  


  1. Thanks for the update. Continuing to lift you and Heidi in daily prayers.


  2. Don,
    I'm glad you are able to have relief from this treatment regimen for awhile. Also thankful to the Lord that you are getting some muscle tone back and some physical activity. That must feel good to be able to be with Heidi and doing some "normal" activities again.
    Will continue to pray for your gastro pain and your ability to eat.
    We pray that through the next 6 weeks you will get increasingly better physically and we continue to pray for your complete healing.
    Thanking God for you and for his perfect plan for your life.
    We love you and Heidi. See you soon!