Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday April 12

The radiation treatments are having much more of an impact on me now.  My throat is tight and sore.  It feels irritated.  I can't eat solid foods without throwing it back up.  So........I am pretty much on a liquid type diet.  I am using up the Ensure that folks sent to me.  The chocolate flavor seems to be the easiest to get down (haha).  Each day when the radiation treatment is over, I feel wiped out and just go to bed and relax and try to get warm.  I have 9 more radiation appointments for this round.  Right now, I am averaging throwing up about 3 times per day, usually associated with trying to eat some solid food.  Basically, everything that the Radiation Oncologist told me to expect is happening.  I continue to try to eat solid food and drink liquids in an effort not to get a feeding tube put in.  I think I can make it.  I had to get an I.V. on Friday and get 3 liters of fluid as I was dehydrated again and the kidneys not working well.  It helped!

I am trying to take daily walks to build my strength back up.  I have been so weak and my legs are like jelly.  I have lost much muscle.  Each day, I try to walk a little bit farther.  Sunday, I walked a little too far and did not think I was going to make it back home!  haha 

Let me give you an update on Heidi.  She has tended to me so well.  She encourages me, she forces to me to eat and drink, she can be firm and she can be tender.  I made her angry this morning and she had a melt down.  I felt so bad and had to apologize to her.  She was only trying to help out a situation.  All in all, Heidi has been doing very well considering the circumstances.  I am very proud of her!

For all the local people, this Saturday April 16, the Kent Firefighters will be participating in the "Relay for Life" to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  We do this every year.  It is at Kent State on the field behind the ice arena.  We walk for 24 hours and each group has a booth to visit.  I know the weather is not predicted to be good, but if you wear warm clothes it is a lot of fun to participate!  I plan on "buzzing" the Relay Tower in my Goodyear Blimp that day!  Here is a link to the Kent Firefighters Team Page: 


I truly want to thank all the "guys" for helping out with my rides to the Cleveland Clinic.  This gives Heidi a much needed break!  Plus I get the scoop on what is going on at work these days!


  1. Congratulations to the "2010 Firefighter of the Year!"

  2. Don, I so admire your courage "under fire". When you are a Christian, you know deep down in your heart that God is in control and that He has the ultimate victory over the ills we face on earth. But this is easy to say. You are a living example of how someone can maintain some sense of humor ("haha" for example) and give God the glory. I appreciate knowing those things you are facing that are traumatic; I also enjoy it when you are "human" and reveal what is not good w/ your health and w/ your inevitable hard times w/ you & Heidi. That's a true man of God who can tell the world that he has caused his beautiful bride to "melt down" and praise her as you have done in this blog entry. God bless you, Don, for the "tender & tough" that you have allowed God to mold you into! We're continuing to pray for your needs... Mike & Heidi