Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday April 7

This had been a pretty rough week.  I am having the pain and difficulty swallowing that they had warned me about before we started radiation.  I am trying to force down some food each day but then most meal times I do have to throw up.  The throwing up actually makes my throat more sore because I have these long dry heaves (sorry, I know that is gross).  I have spent most of the week in bed when I am not in Cleveland. 

Today, I started using the Ensure Shakes.  They are not great but they are not that bad.  I can do them!  I have 2 cases chilling in the refrigerator now.  They each have 250 calories and a bunch of vitamins and things for nutrition.  I think these will help. 

This afternoon is radiation appointment number 19.  I will have 11 more after today. 

I tried taking a walk today which is one of my daily goals and made it about the equivalent of 2 City Blocks and was wiped out.  However, if I keep walking daily that will help build my strength.  I may also need some IV fluids in the next day or so because I have not been taking in enough liquids. 

Everyone, thank you for the continued cards in the mail, emails, and prayers!  It really helps!


  1. I drank Ensure when I was preggo with your nephew and had morning sickness. They really helped and are full of tons of vitamins. I'll see if I can find you some coupons - that stuff is so expensive. Keep up the walking, even if it's just down the driveway and back. You're doing a great job!!!

  2. Only 11 left...that's great news..glad the Ensure is helping. Keep it up Don, you are a fighter and a winner....xoxo d

  3. hey if you cannot stand the taste of ensure try the boost drinks. they are the same but taste a little better. I am not sure how things measure up with the cost. What are your favorite flavors? Also if you ever need a walking partner and I am off I am willing to come over and walk with you. I don't go very fast either but I can keep you motivated. Just let me know, I can send available days.

  4. Heidi has kept me updated via our phone calls but it's good to catch up with your own words. Thinking and praying for your goals and strength, Don. You are enduring so much...Love you, Mike & Heidi