Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday May 4

May has arrived! Hopefully the weather will catch up!

Not much medical news to report.  My head feels clear, my vomiting is down to about 1 time per day which is related to trying to eat solid foods.  I usually get some food stuck on the way down and it causes me to vomit.  However, I have been eating some breakfast food now (very slowly) and usually one late afternoon small meal.  This is great news because I can cut way back on the Ensure shakes!  My current weight as of today is 171 lbs.  I started on January 7 at 196.  So weight loss right now is 25 lbs.  However, once I can eat normal again, I fully expect to recover some of this weight.  I did drop as low as 169 lbs. 

My energy level is about 50-70%.  I have been doing some good walking on the days that it is not pouring down rain.  I am going to prepare my bike today for riding when weather clears again.  Last summer I did a lot of biking.  This will help rebuild my muscle strength and tone.  I have lost a lot of muscle in short time.

Let me tell you about some events in our lives here recently.  This past Friday night Heidi and I were invited to Stow High School where each spring the students do a talent show.  Heidi and I attended because we both love to watch high school talent.  When we arrived, we were greeted by a committee from the school.  The informed us that we had reserved seats and free admission.  We also learned that they had selected me as their local charity for this event and ticket sales (half) would be donated to me.  The other half went to an International charity in Africa.  What a thoughtful and precious action by these wonderful students!  I so appreciate them! 

Saturday morning, Heidi and I attended our 2nd American Cancer Society Relay for Life this spring.  This was held at the Ravenna Stadium and we really wanted to attend because my Oncologist Dr. Frederick Marquinez and his staff participate annually in this event.  Dr. Marquinez was present and while he was photographing the survivors in the survivor lap, he was crying.  He such a good man!  I truly love this man.  This event is very well planned out and the day was beautiful!  I also came home Saturday and took a 3 mile walk!

A wonderful woman named Michelle Baker whom is an attorney in Tallmadge offered to do a will and other documents for Heidi and I for free.  It seems that Michelle had cancer at one time in her life and wanted to help us.  We are so grateful to Michelle to help us with these documents and answered questions for us.  She also found a way to lower our real estate taxes since I will be on disability.  Every little savings adds up!

Most of you probably already know about the Don Joseph Toyota fundraiser that generated $2500 to us from the dealership.  This was a facebook event where people could "friend" Don Joseph and write "Team Beckett" on their wall.  We had to get 2500 persons to do this and it was accomplished in only 6 days!  I am so grateful to the ownership and staff at Don Joseph Toyota!  I am having a nice thank you sign professionally made to present to them this week.  The sign is being donated by a friend of mine Shane Branning at ProDecal in Canton, Ohio!

I am also so looking forward to the Reverse Raffle to be held on May 13 at the American Legion Hall in Kent.  I will get to visit with friends that night!  People whom mean so much to Heidi and I! 

Heidi and I are so blessed by the friends and family that we have!  The Lord gets working daily in our lives to help answer our prayers and provide our every need!  I hope each and everyone of you know the Lord personally.  If you do not, I would invite you to attend church and learn about his word!  Please call me!

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  1. Don, you have so blessed us with this post as well as you have throughout this time of extreme challenge in your life. God indeed redeems these situations and uses them for his glory. Thanks for your attitude, for allowing God to use you. Knowing the Lord, as you said, is sooooo important. We'll continue to pray for you! Love you and Heidi! Mike and Heidi