Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday May 25

Feeling pretty good!  Can eat anything as long as i eat slow and have some water to drink.  I don't eat big quantities of food and usually only 2 meals per day.  I am not gaining any weight.  I currently weigh 173 lbs.  Food smells don't bother much anymore like they had.  My energy level is about 85-90%.  I did some hiking and a lot of walking past week.  This may contribute to the fact of not gaining any weight.  No vomiting.  No dizziness, no major fatique. 

Originally, I was suppose to get a PET Scan during the week of June 6.  However, I received a phone call from the Cleveland Clinic and they changed my date to July 6.  It seems my Radiation Oncologist, Dr. John Geskovich is going to be on vacation during the month of June.  I do have appt. with local Oncologist, Dr. Frederick Marquinez on June 6.  I will discuss this delay with him and see if this bothers him at all.  It ticked me off!  I want a status update!

My Aunt, Phillis Echols, passed away yesterday in North Carolina.  I will be traveling sometime this week for funeral services for her in North Carolina.  She was a great woman!

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  1. Will continue to pray for your petscan results, Don.
    It's good to know that your days are in God's almighty hands...when the doctors believe themselves to be in charge, we know that it's God who is really ordering our steps and "turning the kings' [doctors'] heart like channels of water...wherever He wishes." What a comfort.
    We need to get that Stoddard's soon.
    Love you both,
    Mike & Heidi