Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday June 1

We had safe travels to North Carolina for my Aunt's funeral late last week and over the weekend.  We also stopped off in West Virginia to visit family.  I did very well traveling.  Not much problem eating and no real sickness to speak of. 

I currently weigh 175 lbs.  Not gaining much weight but not losing either.  I have been biking since we have been back home on Monday and Tuesday.  I plan to bike again today.  Yesterday I was able to trim the bushes in the yard and today hope to stain the deck.  Picking one project a day to work on. 

Heidi and I both have some allergies bothering us right now.  That time of the year.

Still waiting on my June 6 appt. with Dr. Marquinez and July 6 for PET scan. 

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  1. Thanks for the update, Don. Will continue to pray that God would continue to pour His strength into You. "Every good and perfect gift comes from above...from the Father of Light."
    Love you,
    Mike & Heidi