Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday June 13

I am eating very well now.  Still eat slow but eating plenty of food.  I now weight 178 lbs so I did gain back about 7 lbs.  I started chemo at 196 lbs on January 7.  I am still getting a fair amount of exercise in with walking and biking.  Unfortunately, right now I am having a "flare up" of arthritic pain in my hips and legs.  I have had this pain now for about 5 days.  I have had this kind of pain for past 2-3 years but not nearly this bad.  I am currently using Ibuprofen in large amounts to keep the pain reduced enough that I can walk.  If not, the pain is great enough that I don't even want to walk.  I hope to get this back to the normal level in next few days.  I believe years of jumping out of ambulances and fire trucks onto concrete probably lead to this.

My Pet scan is still scheduled for July 6.

I attended a fundraiser for Sara a Kent State Dispatcher with her third bout with breast cancer.  She is having a very rough time.  Please prayer for Sara and her continued cancer treatment.  She has a little boy whom is 6 years old.  Thanks!

Heidi and I are attempting to sell our house.  I have it for sale by owner at this time.  We truly need to downsize and get a more affordable payment with our proposed pension pay.  Please pray for the sale of our home.  We would probably move into a condo to reduce the outdoors work load.  There are literaly thousands of condos for sale.  I don't think it would be hard to find one if we sale our house. 

I did paint the laundry room, a bathroom and stained our deck to get house ready to sell.  It looks good now.  Plan on doing some mulching tomorrow.  Trimmed all the bushes up this morning!

I had a surprise visitor this week whom lives in North Carolina.  He is a retired Ravenna City Firefighter whom relocated to North Carolina.  It was nice to see him again!  Greg Fisher. 

Our church home has been doing some wonderful series the past few months.  I would like to thank Pastor Bales and Pastor Tawney for their teaching and leadership!!  Wonderful stuff!

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