Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday June 8

Heidi and I went to see Dr. Marquinez on Monday June 6.  He is my Oncologist.  All my blood work was perfect.  I got my mediport flushed.  Dr. Marquinez agreed that we need to wait until July 6 PET Scan to see what active disease is remaining.  I do have some numbness and tingling in finger tips and feet.  He explained this is from the Chemotherapy.  He said it will probably pass in time.  He also checked my ears since I have been having trouble hearing and he said the eardrums look good and nothing blocked.

My energy level is 85-90% of normal.  I have been exercising daily usually with bike riding or hiking.  I have been eating pretty good as long as I eat slow.

In my blog back couple of weeks, I announced a thank you to the Reverse Raffle Committee.  I believe I may have omitted Becky Schneider.  Thank you Becky!  I love you!

I do have our house for sale by owner.  If you know anyone shopping for a new home, please have them call me 330-351-1020.  It is a great home!

On the job front, I have submitted all of my documentation to the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Board appealing their decision on my disability.  It appears that this will take another 60-90 days before it is heard by Board and a decision rendered.  This is a very important decision to us as it could add monthly income of approximately $1600.  I will keep you posted.  

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