Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday July 29 - In the hospital

My oncologist admitted me to hospital on Wed morning for dehydration and needing nutrition.  Yesterday, I had surgery to place a J tube into my small intestine.  This is now my feeding tube.  I am currently getting fed 24 hours per day through this tube.  I have also had IV fluids running since admitted.  The surgery caused more pain than I expected.  I was one hurting puppy in recovery room and all night last night.  dry heaves and hiccups have made this worse.  However, this morning seems to be letting up some. 
The feeding tube can stay in during chemotherapy also.  I think I can keep it to 6 months.  It will have to be taken out with surgery also.  I am waiting on surgeon this morning to allow me to take a walk.  Currently, no food or drink by mouth either.  Visitors OK now RMH room 2309.

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