Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday July 14 - Dr. Marquinez News

Heidi and I went to see my Oncologist yesterday morning (Dr. Frederick Marquinez).  He had reviewed my PET scan from Cleveland Clinic.  Firstly, however he wanted to discuss pain management for me since that was a current big issue.  He prescribed to me Oxycontin 10 Mg which is a slow release tablet over 12 hours.  I will take one every 12 hours to help get a more steady pain relief instead of up and down.  He also refilled my Percocet for when I need quick relief.  I can also take together if needed. 

He said he would like to get an EGD (Scope) to determine if my pain was from ulcer or cancer.  I am now scheduled July 26 in the morning with Dr. Cline for EGD at Robinson.  The Cleveland Clinic was suppose to schedule this EGD by yesterday and have yet to hear from them again.  I think their scheduling department does not know what they are doing. 

Dr. Marquinez wants to check with Summa Group to see if any clinical trials are taking place now with my type of cancer.  Then he will decide which chemotherapy to use on me and he wants to start this next week.  He was hoping to get quick EGD done before chemo but said he will not hold up chemo to get this done.  Since I can't get EGD done till July 26 he will probably start next week.

Please continue to pray for my wonderful bride, Heidi.  She is not coping too well with the latest news.  She had herself convinced that we would get encouraging news and when they did not happen it crushed her.  She is beginning to settle back in now for the long haul. 

We will be having a huge garage sale at our house on July 22-23.  If you need stuff, come take ours!  thanks!

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  1. Hi Don,

    I am following your comments, and I share your disappointment with the Clinic. I was fortunate that my husband had a wonderful oncologist (Dr. Dreicer, head of oncology), but if we let them, we would've been there every other day. While our oncologist was cognizant of our travel distance, the scheduling department just didn't care. Generally, you just waited for the next appointment to show up in the mail.

    I am offering prayers for you and Heidi. My husband's fight with cancer was very much different than your's. Unfortunately, his symptoms dated back about 6 months prior to diagnosis, and with doctors saying it was a urinary tract infection, he really didn't stand a chance. I know what Heidi is feeling - it is a helpless feeling to see the man you love on this vicious roller coaster. But, she is stronger than you think.

    Remember one thing - every patient needs an advocate! You and Heidi need to keep after them, and ask your questions. Do not ever let them rush you out the door.

    Don, if there is anything you need, it goes without saying - just ask! I believe you will beat the odds on this cancer. I don't know why ... just a feeling.

    Take care, my friend.

    Linda Copley