Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday July 20

My condition remains about the same.  I still can not eat food and I am contemplating getting a feeding tube put into place.  My weight on January 7 when I started treatment was 196 lbs.  Today, I weight 164 lbs and I will be starting chemo again soon.  This concerns me since I will lose more weight during chemo.  I will discuss this with my Oncologist at next visit.  I am now using supplements again, Ensure shakes.  Don't like them but it will keep me going.

My pain is still there.  The Oxycontin seems to be managing the pain keeping it at a 1-3 on pain scale of 10.  I also have Percocet that I can take in addition to the Oxycontin if pain warrants this.  However, the percocet makes me sleep and really causes a lot of constipation.  Right now, using the Oxycontin every 12 hours as it is a time release agent.

I just received bad news about my disability pension  appeal hearing.  My appeal will not be heard until January.  It seems they do not have a meeting in August and they only hear 4-5 appeals each month.  They are backlogged until January.  This is quite upsetting since the pension amount that we will receive at this time is not even enough to cover the mortgage.  Heidi and I will pray for assistance on this matter.  I have to turn this over to the Lord and have him manage my finances.

Heidi and I having a garage sale this weekend, Friday and Saturday 8 a - 4p if you need any stuff!  We have the garage full!  I am hoping to raise $1,000 off this sale!

Heidi and I had a great time at West Branch State Park this past Sunday afternoon picnicing with the fire & police department families!  We did boating, tubing, fishing and eating.  I believe about 70 people came!  Thanks for uplifting us again!  We needed that!

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