Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday July 12 - PET Scan Results

Heidi and I had appt. with the Radiation Oncologist this afternoon to discuss the PET Scan.  The news was not good.  The cancer has spread to my Adrenal gland.  The cancer also has spread to new Lymph Nodes higher in my chest around Clavicle area.  Also, the cancer has a new site on Aorta Artery.  The good news is the cancer appears to be gone out of Lymph Nodes near my stomach and the tumor in my esophagus has shrunk but still present. 

This new cancer locations cannot be treated with radiation but only with chemotherapy.  I have appt. tomorrow morning with my Oncologist who will recommend chemotherapy.  Eventually, the Radiation Oncologist still wants to do radiation from the inside of my esophagus by using EGD (scope) and drop probes down.  But that is at least 3 months out.  Right now must do chemotherapy. 

Please pray for Heidi as she is not taking this new news very well.  Thank you all for your continued prayer!  I love all of you!


  1. wow...words cannot suffice to express how sorry I am for what you are enduring. You sure were able to look great this weekend in spite of it all. You are one amazing man. Our prayers are with you, Heidi, Christy and Ryan
    God's grace is sufficient...

  2. Well... That just plain sucks! Sorry to hear this news Don. There is some good news though... You are a fighter with WAY MORE positivity than anyone else I know and you are surrounded by a ton of people that love you and are praying for you! Keep fighting!

  3. Don, My heart sinks at this news. I will continue to pray for God to uphold you and stay with you through the pain as you endure what is on your plate. I cannot comprehend this; nor can I comprehend God's ways being higher and better in circumstances like this. Keep the faith! We love you, Don Beckett! Praying for you both continually.